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where children wear costumes and run amok! (amok, amok, amok...)

1/?, 1650 words to start. W00t, go me, bein' productive!

This fic was brought to you by the M83/Creedence Clearwater Revival mashup of "Bad Moon Rising." Thank you, radio 104.5.

((BB, this is what happens when you go to bed early and leave me to my own devices! Spoiler-ful, no reading til you finish watching.))

So I may have started a Stiles/Derek fic.
See subject.

It may be Halloween-related.

It also may will end up having multiple chapters.

See also this Teen Wolf drabble, the blame for which rests here. There may be more coming, there, too. Um.

Livejournal, come on.
Originally posted by foxxcub at Livejournal, come on.
Originally posted by harriet_vane at Livejournal, come on.
Originally posted by poisonivory at Livejournal, come on.
I never use Scrapbook, but I think people who pay for a service should, you know, know when that service gets severely diminished. Via caiusmajor:

Originally posted by zeitgeistic at Livejournal, come on.
Alright, I am not drunk enough to deal with this, so I'm just going to put out this PSA:

Livejournal Scrapbook is going away. Your 10GB of Paid Member space is now 2GB. If you care, there is an explanation in Russian on the Russian news page. There's also a user-submitted translation.

+ You will no longer have access to your Scrapbook once this goes live.
+ Your images will redirect, but the URL will be different.
+ Unable to tell what will happen to any photos you have that put you over the 2GB limit.
+ Back up your Scrapbook just in case.
+ If you want your photos transferred over now instead of waiting, let them know here.

So four-point-five days before I'm supposed to drive south, my car starts shaking and making grinding noises, and has to be towed to the mechanic's. Also, it's emitting an off-putting chemical smell. Fml. And of course this means I can't submit the job application I was on my way to deliver, and probably means no boxing this week. It also probably means no weekend away.

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Fic: Spirit Fingers (2/3)
Title: Spirit Fingers (2/3)
Pairing/Character(s): Arthur/Eames and ensemble
Rating: Still PG-13
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 1,558 in this part.
Summary: Bring It On AU.
Author's Notes: Yay, moar! One more part to this, I think.

Part TwoCollapse )

Fic: Strip Horse
Title: Strip Horse
Pairing/Character(s): Steve/Tony and Pepper
Rating: R
Warnings: Language, nudity. Tony in general.
Word Count:
Summary: Steve and Tony play horse and lose clothes.
Author's Notes: Commentfic written for foxxcub, cleaned up all pretty-like. I have no creative title for this. Oh, well.

GiddyapCollapse )

Fic: Spirit Fingers (1/3)
Title: Spirit Fingers (1/3)
Pairing/Character(s): Arthur/Eames and ensemble
Rating: Pg-13 (this part)
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 1,906 so far.
Summary: Bring It On AU.
Author's Notes: Yep, I'm writing this.

Part OneCollapse )

Way Too Much TV, and other stories.
So being unemployed and then being sick apparently means I watch endless amounts of television at a time.

1. Shameless- I know I wanted to watch this, back when they were showing previews for it before it came on, last year, but a lack of Showtime has always been an issue. Now, though, it is more accessible- and I watched it all in about a day and a half, jfc. This show is freaking awesome, and now I can't wait to watch season 2! Normally I don't go for the family-type dramas, but this time, I am so invested in all the characters, it's ridiculous.

2. Downton Abbey- How did I not start watching this when it came out? It's awesome. Maggie Smith is, as always, amazing, and again, I'm so invested in the various plotlines. Of course, I should have expected I would be- it's a Masterpiece series, an ensemble drama, and it's about the aristocracy and class divisions. Of course I am.

3. I now want to watch Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. And, as it happens, (I think almost) all of the BBC Austen miniseries are on Netflix! How handy. ^_^

4. In other news, I still have no job. Putting in another application today. I just need to find something for three months... I have employment for April! Unfortunately, Mom is not paying me for chauffeuring my baby sister around, aside from free room and board, which is definitely enough.

Fic: Quebec
Title: Quebec
Authors: agaryulnaer86 and myself
Fandom: Inception
Summary: Part four of the Interlude series. Eames drunk-dials Arthur once again, Arthur comes after him, and there is gunfire, angst, a soap opera, and fluffernutter. Not necessarily in that order.
Word count: 28,070 in total.
Rating: T for language, violence, and some sexual content.
a/n: Posted at AO3, again due to length.

@ AO3 here

Walsingham Master Post
Title: Walsingham
Authors: agaryulnaer86 and myself
Pairing/Character(s): Arthur/Eames, and Ariadne
Rating: R
Warnings: Graphic violence and disturbing imagery, the foulest of language, adult situations and sexual content, and an adorable kitten. But just the one.
Word Count: 39,910
Summary: Ariadne, Eames and Arthur work a job over the holidays. Hijinks ensue, including but not limited to: chicken soup, a stray kitten, avoidance of the casting couch, a clown, and a job gone a bit sideways. Also, Chrismukkah.
Author's Notes: Written for the prompts exploring dreamshare and canonverse and messy blowjobs :) dream_holiday gift fic for chibi_lurrel!

part one

part two

part three

part four

part five


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